1: Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot that’s able to automatically trade cryptocurrencies so you can focus on the important things in life. First, you need to know what cryptocurrencies are. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more. These currencies are a revolution to our monetary system and are gaining value at an extreme rate. A characteristic of these digital assets is that they’re very volatile, meaning that the price can both drop and rise multiple times a day.

This is where comes in. When the price are low, the cryptohopper automatically buys the cryptocurrencies of your choice. The Cryptohopper sells when you’ve made profit. You can configure the Cryptohopper and tell at how many percent profit you want to sell. We have multiple strategies, and we will keep adding new ones. It’s possible to customize your strategy. Click the advanced settings and customize the strategy to your needs. You can choose which assets the Cryptohopper is going to trade.

Do you want to sell your position earlier than planned? No problem. Just click sell position, and the hopper sells the position. For the first time in crypto history, it’s possible to link signalers to a trading bot so you can combine the prediction powers of the signalers with our 24/7 working Hopper. But what is a signaler?

A signaler is a person or group of people that scan the crypto markets and look for signs that the rate of a currency is going to move upwards. Signaler, Coindicator, for example, used cloud computing and cutting edge machine learning algorithms to screen hundreds of technical indicators 24/7 for all digital currencies.

How about safety? trades on your behalf on an exchange of your choice, so you pick an exchange you trust. Deposit the funds you’re going to trade on that exchange, and with an API key, we can trade on your behalf. Sounds great, right? Start trading now and get your first trial month free, no strings attached. Create an account at